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VANJIG fab tool

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this tool is designed to hold the flanges at the perfect spacing to get the full range of travel. when this tool is used you will actually get more flex out of your vanjen/wiggins style pipe couplers than you do with silicone couplers and hose clamps.

Ive personally had a hard time selling people on using Wiggins style clamps because they say they are "to solid" or "im not trying to break pipe id rather blow off a coupler "  simply because far to often they are not installed properly you absolutely have to have perfect alignment and ive found fabricators are using the this style of clamp to take up the slack so they can get away with some sloppy prep work. 

this is the simple solution it holds the flanges parallel and spaced  apart  enough  for perfect alignment to make full use of your Wiggins style flanges. 

these are 3d printed plastic they are intended for tack welding only do not try to weld out your flanges with these in place.

we are NOT offering a free replacement warranty on this item however we will do a deeply discounted replacement with proof of purchase and proof of failure replacements will be $15 shipped