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Open source etune email tune wrx sti

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This is remote tuning via tactrix cable prerequisite is that you already have the software amd hardware along with some idea of how it works... i am not responsible for bricked ecus nor can i fix them. 

No refunds no credits if your not happy with the tune thats too bad i am not responsible for damage to your engine. Its a subaru  if you modify it amd tune it something is going to nreak at somepoint. 

Tuning in general will not fix a problem as soon as you tell me "it just needs a tune" you are probably wrong. If i tell you something is wrong with your car amd you meed to fix it before we can continue that is the bottom line you can send me logs until you are blue in the face if its not fixed im not tuning it. 

That being said ill be offering open source email tuning once again. 

02-14 wrx and sti are supported some models support flex fuel some do not. If you wamt a flex fuel tune email me before you purchase. If you wamt a single fuel tune buy away 

Email tuning will be conducted on Thursdays during the day at my leisure if you email me 3am on sunday no im probably not going to respond... 

I would strongly suggest getting an android device and this app along with a bluetooth obd scanner then you can watch your gauges setup custom inputs amd even send me logs without a laptop. 

 I have literally tuned hundred HUNDREDS  Of subarus on the street on the dyno amd via email. If it takes us more than 4 or 5 maps to get it right something probably needs fixed and will not continue to send revisions beyond 5 unless you have fixed the issue. 

Last but not least we do offer a dyno tuning service if youd prefer the dyno is located in uniontown Pennsylvania.