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fast turn around 2-3 days on small batches or single items no order to small we have been 3d printing on prosumer grade printers for over 3 years with great results. 

all of our printers have extensive upgrades they are fdm printers and our typical materials are abs and pla we can print in other materials please email us first. 

colors will be whatever is already loaded in the machine using your selected material if you need a custom color please just add it in the notes but it may add 3-4 days processing time if the color is not in stock. 

files excepted will be stl 3mf or fusion 360 files. the higher the quality of the 3d file you send the better your print will turn out. 

we will be usuing a layer height of 2.0 at medium print speeds with an infill of 15% this yields really nice results but if needed we can go with a higher resolution if needed 

these will be single color prints if your print requires supports you will have to do some post processing of the print on your own to obtain a smooth surface anywhere supports have been used. 

if you have questions or doubts or concerns about your 3d file please shoot us email

for now pricing will be flat rate per item 

there will not be returns for 3d prints if you are unhappy with the results we can try again for you we will send you pictures for pre aproval before shipping the items 

currently i am going to impose a 5 items per customer per order limit if you would like to do a bulk order we can arrange that for you!