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flex fuel kits for ej20 jdm carberry compatible NEW FAILSAFES ADDED V3

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Do not purchase this item until you have asked your tuner if he will tune with this kit I do not and will not offer refunds on this kit.



Why buy my kit? It functions the same scales the same and gives you the same power increase as any other flex-fuel kit. the difference is mine saves you some cash moneyssss and let's face it you drive a Subaru and an extra 50hp is gonna send you right here ... and that's not gonna be cheap... 

 full plug and play for Subarus using an ECU that supports the Carberry rom no adapters needed no need to worry about dual avcs or single avcs this plugs right into the rear o2 where u need it! 


Flex-fuel kit for Subarus this kit is plug and play but the fuel lines are not assembled. Includes 4 oetiker style hose clamps, 4 feet of gates barricade fuel line,  sensor bracket, ethanol content sensor, "plug n play" converter, fuel line disconnect tool, 4 quick connect fittings. 

this kit uses the rear o2 connection located right below the pitch stop mount. 

it is compatible with most tuning platforms for Subaru if you have a vehicle other than a wrx or sti it is up to you to contact your tuner to confirm compatibility before purchase

Instructional pictures are based on 08-14 wrx but the install will be very similar on other models 

scale for all current kits is .5=0%  4.5=100%




NEW LOW VOLTAGE  FAILSAFE .3V (+- .05) INDICATES sensor unplugged (open circuit on white wire or dead sensor)


knowing these new features your tuner can set the cel to come on for high or low voltage in the specified range to provide a higher level of safety for your car

v3 kits will be marked "v3" on the bottom of the converter


 if you are using an 02-03 ECU for flex-fuel the easiest way to see your ethanol content is by using this android app you can easily add a custom field using the lookup tables following the instructions here 

get the android app here (worth every penny)



name.... ethanol content
addr..... 021030
length.... 2
float.... (blank)
formula.... x/655.36
lookup table.... (none)
dec places....0
gauge min....0
gauge max....100
gauge number every....100


name.... Rear O2 Volts Direct
addr..... 021760
length.... 2
float.... (blank)
formula.... x*5/1023
lookup table.... (none)
dec places.... 1
gauge min.... 0
gauge max.... 5
gauge number every.... 100 

download carberry here (please donate to him)



Do not purchase this item until you have asked your tuner if he will tune with this kit I do not and will not offer refunds on this kit.

this item is guaranteed against manufacture defects replacement converters will be shipped after troubleshooting is done with technical support.

the sensors are not guaranteed or warranted they do go bad eventually (ask anyone that works on gm flex-fuel vehicles)